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12 novembre 2015

Communication du GPL acceptée à l'USCAP de Seattle en 2016

BRAF Mutation analysis: A new tool for Pathologists in metastatic Melanoma; Multicenter retrospective evaluation on 239 cases in French private pathologists laboratories

Jérôme Chetritt1, Nicolas Josselin1, Alain Gaillot2, Claude Desplechain2, Emmanuel Watkin3, Philippe Chalabreysse3, Delphine Raoux4, Nicolas Weinbreck4

1 IHP Nantes; 2 Sipath Clermont-Ferrand; 3 Cypath Lyon; 4 Medipath Frejus 

1,2,3,4 France


BRAF tumor V600 mutation status has to be evaluated with a molecular test for targeted therapy.

In France, such onco-molecular tests are performed in centralised Institutional Molecular Biology Platforms under INCA’s control (National Cancer Institute). Time to result and consolidated data are crucial for oncologists.

Through a feasibility study we evaluated our capacity to use in our labs a novel fully automated system which gives BRAF V600 mutation status directly from formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE).